Jerky Wraps

Natural Ingredients – Our Jerky Dog Wraps start with chicken raised cage-free and natural rawhide. The only other ingredients are vegetable glycerin derived from natural plant sources and salt. These delicious treats contain no fillers, soy, grains, sugar, animal by-products or artificial colors or flavors.

Our Jerky For Dogs Recipe – In this simple process, lean chicken breast is mixed with vegetable glycerin and a bit of salt. The meat is sliced, wrapped around rawhide, then dried resulting in a healthy and nutritious treat.


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• Lean Chicken Breast
• Natural Rawhide

• No Artificial Colors or Flavors
• No Animal By-products
• No Fillers or Grains

• High Protein
• Low Fat

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+ Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis

Product Description


Chicken, Rawhide, Vegetable Glycerin, Salt.


Crude Protein, Minimum 72%
Crude Fat, Minimum 1%
Crude Fat, Maximum 3%
Crude Fiber, Maximum 1.5%
Moisture, Maximum 18%

+ Feeding Guidelines


Jerky For Dogs are not a substitute for a complete diet with balanced nutrition. Overfeeding a dog is not healthy and can sometimes be harmful. It is important to remember that feeding guidelines should be followed and the actual feeding amounts be adjusted according to your own dog's needs. For smaller dogs, we recommend breaking the jerky for dogs into bite-sized pieces. Always monitor your dog when feeding treats and provide plenty of fresh water.

Do not feed treats to dogs with existing medical conditions or while under treatment for illness without first consulting your veterinarian. Feeding should be adjusted according to your dog’s ideal body weight, condition, age, activity and environment. Proper care of your dog includes regular check-ups. As with all foods, wash hands after handling.


5 to 10 lbs. - 1 piece

11 to 25 lbs. - 2 pieces

26 to 50 lbs. - 3 pieces

Over 50 lbs. - 4 pieces


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