Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Hillside Farms jerky dog treats made?

This very simple process starts with blending breast meat, vegetable glycerin and salt. The uncooked strips are placed on trays where they are baked and dried for approximately 18 hours. The jerky dog treats are then packaged, inspected and loaded for shipment.

Q: What is in Hillside Farms jerky dog treats?

Hillside Farms jerky dog treats are made from human grade duck/chicken grown without added hormones. Our jerky dog treats are approximately 93% breast meat, which is high in protein, low in fat and low in calories. The only other ingredients, both natural, are vegetable glycerin and a bit of salt. Our jerky dog treats contain no artificial ingredients, animal by-products or grains.

Q: What is your experience in producing jerky dog treats?

Our factory has over 13 years experience producing high quality jerky dog treats for markets worldwide, including the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Asia and Europe.

Q: What safety measures are used to assure the products are safe?

All our products are processed using USDA guidelines for human food production. The FDA does random testing of our products entering the U.S. To assure the safety of every shipment of chicken jerky dog treats, we test every batch with an independent laboratory in Southern California. We also take the extra step of irradiating the products for safety before export. You can learn more about the safety and benefits of irradiation here. To further ensure ongoing product safety, our factory receives independent food safety inspections from the world’s largest compliance company.

Q: Are the chickens used in production of our jerky dog treats considered “cage free”?


Q: What type of feed is given to the chickens?

Corn, edible soybean meal, edible cotton meal, edible vegetable meal, edible peanut meal, minerals and multivitamins.

Q: How many jerky dog treats should I feed my dog?

The proper amount for each treat can be found by clicking on the “Products” tab on the navigation bar, then select appropriate product, then click on the “View Nutritional Info/Feeding Guidelines” button view the recommendation.

Q: How much salt are in the jerky dog treats?

For Chicken Jerky: approx. 60 milligrams per strip. For Duck Jerky: approx. 10 milligrams per strip.

Q: How many calories are in each piece of jerky dog treats?

Chicken – 35-45; Duck – 35-45 (note that calories vary slightly depending on the size of jerky strip).

Q: What is vegetable glycerin shown in the list of ingredients?

Glycerin is a natural preservative used in foods and beverages. In our products it serves as a humectant to keep the product supple and as a natural sweetener. It is commonly used as filler in commercially prepared low-fat foods (e.g., cookies).

Q: How long will a bag of Hillside Farms jerky dog treats stay fresh?

Each jerky treat comes in a re-sealable bag to maintain freshness. Hillside Farms jerky dog treats will remain a delicious treat for your dog for minimum of 18 months from the production date. For your reference we provide a “best if used by” date found on the rear of the bag at the bottom right.

Q: Are there any Hillside Farms products affected by a recall?

No, there are no recalls on any Hillside Farms product.

Q: Why is Hillside Farms jerky dog treats made in China?

The primary benefit of producing the product in China is the low cost of the chicken/duck breast. In China, dark chicken meat is preferred over white meat, making the remaining high quality breast meat available at low prices. The result is a wholesome and healthy treat at a fantastic value.

Q: Are Hillside Farms treats irradiated?

Yes. Learn more about the benefits of irradiation here.